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Please read the following terms and conditions to ensure your experience on this website is pleasant and appropriate.

1. Web Browser and Other Requirements

  1. We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 or newer for viewing this website. Using platforms other than that recommended may result in incorrect display of webpages. Even when using the recommended platform, some web browser settings may also cause incorrect display.

  2. Some pages on this website use JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled in your web browser, those pages may be incorrectly displayed or may malfunction. To ensure correct display and function, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings when viewing this website.

2. Cautions (Liability Exemptions regarding Information Displayed Herein)

Due care is exercised before posting information on this website. However, Kanefusa makes no warranty whatsoever regarding the integrity, accuracy, usefulness, or safety of such information, and bears no liability whatsoever for any damage incurred by any user as a result of use of this site.

In order to provide accurate, up-to-date information, the contents of this website may be updated  at any time to correct mistakes or inaccuracies. Kanefusa may suspend and resume posting information on this website without notice.

The uniform resource locators (URL) of this website, including that of the top page, may be changed without notice. Kanefusa bears no liability whatsoever for dead links, display failures, or any other effects of any change in URLs.

3. Copyright, Trademarks, etc.

Products, services, technologies, and other information provided to users via this website are protected under the Copyright Act, the Trademark Act, and other laws and regulations pertaining to intellectual property. Users of this website are permitted to use the foregoing items within the scope of personal use as stipulated by law. Use of the foregoing items that exceeds the scope of such personal use (including but not limited to reproduction, transmission, distribution, transfer, assignation, and adaptation; such definition shall continue to apply hereinafter) requires prior written approval from Kanefusa. All trade names, trademarks, and other marks of Kanefusa used on this website are protected under the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and other pertinent laws, and may not be used without prior written approval from Kanefusa.

4. Prohibited Acts

The following acts are prohibited on this website.

  1. Any act that violates the property or privacy of Kanefusa or any third party, or any act that is likely to do so. This includes any act of use of personal information posted on this website.

  2. Any act that causes Kanefusa or any third party to incur damage or disadvantage, or any act that is likely to do so. Defamation, slander, or threats against Kanefusa or any third party.

  3. Any act that contravenes, or is likely to contravene, public order and morals.

  4. Any criminal act, any act that leads to a criminal act, or any act that is likely to do so.

  5. Any entry or transmission of any other person's electronic mail address or other personal information, or any other act that constitutes assuming the identity of another person.

  6. Any act of use of the website for the purpose of advertising or any other commercial act.

  7. Any act that damages the reputation or credit of Kanefusa or the website.

  8. Use or supply of any computer virus or other harmful program, or any act that is likely to spread these.

  9. Any act that violates, or is likely to violate, any law, regulation, or bylaw.

  10. Any other act deemed inappropriate at any time by Kanefusa.

5. Websites Linked to by This Website

The content of websites linked to from this website or any third party website that links to this website (hereinafter referred to as "Link Site") is the responsibility of such Link Sites. When using such sites, please comply with the terms of use of the pertinent sites as well as copyright and other laws. Kanefusa bears no liability whatsoever for the contents of Link Sites, or for any damage incurred as a result of the use of such sites.

6. Linking to This Site

Any company or individual that wishes to link to this website should first contact Kanefusa. Any link to this website shall, in principle, link to the top page: http://www.kanefusa.netKanefusa does not permit the use of its logos, marks, and other registered trademarks for linking purposes without prior approval. Kanefusa prohibits links that do not correctly disclose the source of information. When creating links to this website, make sure that this website is opened in a new browser window. This is to prevent situations in which the Kanefusa website is displayed in a way that does not make it clear which content is Kanefusa's and which is not, and may therefore cause viewers confusion.

Kanefusa strictly prohibits links to this website from sites listed below.

・Any site with content designed to slander, defame, or discredit Kanefusa or any third party (corporate or individual).

・Any site that violates any copyright, trade mark, other intellectual property right, property, privacy, image right, or any other right of Kanefusa or any third party (corporate or individual), or that is likely to do so.

・Any site that gives a false impression of partnership or cooperation with Kanefusa, or of recognition or support for any site linked to by Kanefusa.

In addition to the foregoing, any site that contravenes any law, bylaw, regulation, or public order and morals, or that hinders the operation of this website.