Privacy Policy

Kanefusa Corporation ("the company") considers privacy protection to be a vital aspect of its corporate social responsibilities. Personal information provided by users of this website shall be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy stipulated below and in strict compliance with privacy protection laws and guidelines.

1. Users' Personal Information

No personal information that can be used to identify people who access this website (e.g. names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses) shall be collected without the approval of the pertinent individual. Conversely, information that cannot identify individuals may be collected. This includes information on which of this site's pages you visit, and your originating domain name. This information is used to help improve the contents of this website.

2. Use of Personal Information

The company does not, in most situations, collect personal information from visitors to this website. However, we do collect the necessary information when you submit an enquiry or request materials, such information including your name and address. These are collected for the purpose of responding to your enquiry and sending requested materials such as our company catalogue.

If it becomes necessary to use personal information in excess of the scope of use described above, the company will contact the individuals affected before using the information.

3. Disclosing or Supplying Personal Information to Third Parties

The company will not supply information that can be used to identify individual users of this website to third parties. However, the company may supply information in the following situations.

  1. A user grants approval for his/her information to be disclosed or supplied to third parties.

  2. In accordance with the provisions of any law or regulation.

  3. The company discloses the information to a contractor to the extent necessary to achieve the objectives of use of the information.

  4. The company determines that it is appropriate for one of its affiliates or agents to respond to an enquiry.

  5. The company's business is taken over by a third party as a result of merger, company split, or transfer of business.

4. Protection and Administration of Personal Information

The company shall implement appropriate security measures for the handling of personal information of its website users, to prevent unauthorized access, falsification, destruction, leak, and loss thereof. The company shall educate its employees handle personal information through training in privacy protection.

5. Outsourcing

The company may outsource the handling of personal information in order to achieve the objectives of information use. In such cases, the company shall cause its contractors to protect and administer personal information and prevent leaks thereof, and shall manage and oversee such contractors, for instance by entering into memoranda of understanding concerning privacy protection.

6. Disclosure, Correction, Cessation of Use, and Deletion of Personal Information Held

The company shall, upon request from any person who is personal information it holds, disclose the information it holds to the pertinent individual, correct, stop using, or delete such information is appropriate in accordance with company procedures.

7. Use of Cookies*1 and IP Addresses*2

The company may use cookies and IP addresses for the following purposes.

  1. To identify the cause of web server problems

  2. To improve website and email services for better customer satisfaction

  3. To customize website and email services to suit individual user requirements

  4. For statistics, provided that no individual can be identified

*1 The "cookie" system involves storing data, including access history, from a website in a user's web browser for more efficient Internet use.
*2 An IP address is a specific number allocated to devices participating in a computer network sharing data.

8. Notice of Changes

The company may amend the contents of this Privacy Policy without advance notice. In doing so, the company will not notify users on each occasion; please refer to this page every time you use this website to read the latest up-to-date version of the policy.

9. Enquiries regarding Privacy Protection

Enquiries regarding your own personal information:

September 1, 2014

Masato Watanabe