IWF 2022 (WOOD)

August 23 – 26, 2022
Atlanta, USA
Georgia World Congress Center

We exhibited at IWF 2022.

We appreciate your visits to our booth.
Please feel free to send us your inquiries on our products, request of cutting test, request of quotation and technical inquiries.


[ Product to be exhibited ]

Super Board PROIII

1.Longer life time
The highest grade carbide tip is used to decrease chipping and increase wear resistance.
Board Pro V provides longer life time when it is used for cutting engineered wood such as
particle board and MDF.

2.Increase sawing stability
The innovative slits are invented for higher damping effect against sawblade body vibration
and noise reduction even greater than before. The slits help to absorb vibration for cutting

3.Clean & precise Cutting surface
Precise grinding and special slits reduce sawing marks and chipping in cutting material.

SF Sawblade: HV Type

Ripping on solid coniferous and hard wood

1.Complete vibration damping by special gullet design for very fine and tooth mark free sawn surface.
2.”SF-A” tooth type is standard with lower cutting resistance. ”SF-BC” is effective for wooly and burr free surface. ”SF-B” is for high speed feeding.
3.New laser slits with higher damping effect than conventional blades for saw body vibration and noise reduction.