Business Activities

Kanefusa's philosophy is to respond flexibly to ever-changing needs, develop high value-added products that we alone can offer and provide the best in customer service.


Wood cutting tools are used in cutting wood materials, column and beam joinery (cutting gooseneck tenon-and-mortise joints and dovetail joints), and other processes. Kanefusa's tools await for all kinds of wood products on furniture and in housing, with a reputation for quality based both on our wealth of technologies built over the years and new, advanced technologies. Our lineup includes a variety of high-precision products suited to different cutting conditions and processing methods, providing a long service life.


Steel and aluminum cutting tool applications include cutting oil well pipes used for extracting oil and natural gas, and pouring gates of cast aluminum parts for automobile engines. Our extensive line of these tools feature blades suitable for cutting a variety of metal materials--steel, aluminum, and stainless, from billets to pipes--with superior durability ensuring high-quality cut surfaces.


Paper cutting tools are used in paper manufacturing as well as in binding of magazines, comics and other printed matters. The superior durability of our tools is a result of Kanefusa's unique forging, heat treatment, and other technologies.


Plastic cutting tools are used in molding and cutting of PVC, acrylic, and other plastic materials. Our plastic cutting tools leave cut surfaces with a beautiful finish, controls welding of the cut surfaces, and help improve productivity.


Ceramics cutting tools cut and process ceramic materials such as those used in exterior housing walls. Our ceramics cutting tools feature a wide variety of diamond blade types suited to different cutting conditions and processing methods.


Environmental and recycling industry tools are used for important crushing and grinding in recycling plastic bottles and disposal of old tires. Our tools feature properties and materials best suited to these operations for more efficient and effective recycling.