We have a wide range of cutting tools for cutting and profiling processes on PMMA, PVC and other resin materials. Kanefusa tools are known for quality cut with material surface transparency and less adhesion, which can reduce subsequent processing.

Acryl-Bit (Type1)
Fine grade Tungsten Carbide with mirror-finished cutting edge enables clear cuts in PMMA. Because edge polishing can be reduced or even eliminated, tremendous cost saving is possible.

Acryl-Bit (Type3)
With a high precision ground edge with positive and negative shear angles, Acryl-Bit (Type3) cuts clean on plastic and acrylic material with protective sheet. The Bit cuts clean in routing for less subsequent process.

PCD Acryl-Bit
PCD edge gives very long cutting life. The tool prevents adhesion and curling of material for long cutting life.