September 12 - 17, 2016
Chicago, USA
McCormick Place
Booth Number
North Building 7557

We exhibited at IMTS 2016.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition with our new tools, metal working, non-ferrous metal working and plastic cutting tools.

[ Product to be exhibited ]

Ferro Max Cold Saw Blade

Our Ferro Max Cold Saw Blades (single use) cut on average three times faster than a conventional band saw or metal saw, which means one machine can do the job of three, reducing power consumption, exhaust emission, mist oil in the air and floor space, all good for the environment.

PCD Reamer - Drill Bit

APPLICATION: Enlarging and finishing a rough hole on non-ferrous steel
MATERIAL: Non-ferrous metals

Features & Benefits
•PCD Reamer Drill Bit is for enlarging and finishing a rough hole on non-ferrous steel, mainly aluminum with high accuracy and high surface quality.
•PCD Reamer Drill Bit offers more value with much higher-speed application than Tungsten Carbide drill bit.

Novametal Pro DIA

APPLICATION: Cuts solids
MATERIAL: Non-ferrous metal alloys with high silicon content

Features & Benefits
•Novametal Pro DIA is of single use
•Novametal Pro DIA enables high process reliablity
•Novametal Pro DIA clearly outlasts tungsten carbide tipped saw blades
•Novametal Pro DIA is available with positive or negative hook angle, depending on the application