PCD Reamer and Drill Bit

•High precision and smooth finish.

•PCD tools are superior to carbide tools in temperature resistance and prove longer lifetime in high speed feed processing.

Application Enlarging and finishing a rough hole on non-ferrous steel
Material Non-ferrous metals
EdgeMaterial PCD

Product Line Up

reamer lineup1.jpg


Smaller diameter PCD reamer

The PCD brazed smallest diameter reamer (3mm dia.) with to improve cutting condition and tool life in processing small parts.

reamer lineup2.jpg

Helical PCD drill bits with oil holes

Reduction on cutting resistance and improvement on swarf discharge by helical system.

reamer lineup3.jpg

Fine tooth pitch PCD helical endmill

High speed feeding is available by fine tooth pitch helical system.

reamer lineup4.jpg


PCD profile reamer

Reduction on production process by combining profile cutter and Reamer (Drill).

reamer lineup5.jpg

Multistep type PCD reamer

Reducing cost by choosing appropriate electric discharge conditions on each edge step.

reamer lineup6.jpg

High roundness and high quality finish reamer

High roundness with odd tooth number and high quality finish with step edges.

reamer lineup7.jpg

Fine tooth pitch PCD reamer for high precision roundness

The high quality drilling at low cost.

reamer lineup8.jpg

Long PCD reamer

For high quality deep hole drilling with appropriate oil holes, guide and stepped edges.