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Original Technology "Vitech" for Cutting Paper

•For the longest lasting, ultimate in cutting performance, Kanefusa VITECH leads the way.

•Not to be confused with conventional tungsten carbide or even the ultra fine grain carbide types in use today, VITECH exceeds performance of the "old fashioned"carbide, often by 200% longer life.

•Through a revolutionary, patent pending process, a special grade of VITECH ultra fine grained tungsten carbide is permanently affixed to a stable blade body without introducing brazing stress that is normally associated with conventional carbide knives.

•VITECH knives remain straighter with reduced edge and flat bow and have stress-free cutting edges.

•Less stress at the cutting edge means a more stable, nick resistant cutting edge.

•VITECH knives last longer, nick less and remain straighter than any tungsten carbide knife available in the market today.

•They are the pinnacle of today's knife industry technology.

vitech three trimmer knife1.jpg virech girotine.jpg

Products Topics