May 7 - 11, 2019
São Paulo / Brazil
São Paulo Expo

We exhibited at EXPOMAFE 2019.

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[ Product to be exhibited ]

Ferro Max Cold Saw Blade

Our Ferro Max Cold Saw Blades (single use) cut on average three times faster than a conventional band saw or metal saw, which means one machine can do the job of three, reducing power consumption, exhaust emission, mist oil in the air and floor space, all good for the environment.

PCD Reamer - Drill Bit

APPLICATION: Enlarging and finishing a rough hole on non-ferrous steel
MATERIAL: Non-ferrous metals

[Features & Benefits]
•PCD Reamer Drill Bit is for enlarging and finishing a rough hole on non-ferrous steel, mainly aluminum with high accuracy and high surface quality.
•PCD Reamer Drill Bit offers more value with much higher-speed application than Tungsten Carbide drill bit.

PCD Fine Pitch Tooth Face Mill

With fine pitch PCD tooth, the tool realizes high speed feeding and for higher productivity on aluminum surface with superb precision.

[Features & Benefits]
• High quality cutting surface with high precision sharpened edge.
• Resharpenable brazed edge without run-out adjustment.
• The innovative clamping bolt structure for cutting edge lubrication by a center hole coolant supply.

• Tool Holder Type
Based on the Face Mill Arbor standard. (Type: HSK, BT etc)
Applicable range: Tool Diameter φ63~φ125

• Shank Type
Applicable range: Tool Diameter φ25~φ100